What is this?

Who am I and what to expect from me

Welcome to Dev Who No-codes by me, Saumitra Khanwalker.

For the last year and and half, I have worked with no-code tools quite extensively. I will talk a lot about them here. I will also write about my other experiences. To give you a glimpse into what you will get from me, here are few of the blog titles I have planned, in no particular order -

  1. Here’s to the ones who suck at something

  2. Nocode tools - why intelligence sucks without transparency

  3. Nocode tools - the unsexy side of building things - maintenance, enhancements and bug fixes

  4. Why non profits still don’t have a website

  5. Nocode tools - the state of the art in primitives and what’s missing

  6. What I learned from hanging out with 900 youngsters in a train for 15 days

  7. Nocode tools - why drag and drop sucks

  8. Learning from movies episode 1 - Tamasha

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